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Factory Equipment

We focus on the upgrade and update of equipment to build modern production line of stable production and quality. Our company has advanced processing equipment such as Switzerland GF MIKRON five-axis linkage machining center, American HASS three-axis machining centers, Japan Citizen L20 series CNC slitting equipment, automatic laser cutting machine, high-precision CNC lathe, Germany PPSU Vacuum Molding equipment, production line of after-treatment and etc. We can complete production task with high quality and high efficiency.


We focus on quality control; our company has advanced inspection equipment such as CMM, image measuring machine, projector, torsion tester, hardness tester, toughness tester and etc. By following the strict quality control system and inspection system to ensure the quality of each product, we practice the development principle of “sincerity weighs and quality wins”.

  • CNC punch
    CNC punch
  • CNC Swiss Mikron 5-axis
    CNC Swiss Mikron 5-axis
  • CNC USA HAAS 3 axis 4 axis 5 axis
    CNC USA HAAS 3 axis 4 axis 5 axis
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM)
    Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM)
  • Germany PPSU Vacuume Molding Machine
    Germany PPSU  Vacuume Molding Machine
  • Projector
  • Torque machine
    Torque machine
  • Water equipment
    Water equipment





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