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100 orthopedic products will be on the market! Big data analysis of orthopedic implantable medical devices in the first half of 2021

China Business Intelligence Network News: Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement on the approval and registration of 163 medical device products, including 110 domesti
25 2021/08

The status quo and development analysis of orthopedic implant medical device industry

Orthopedic implantable devices are one of the important subdivisions of high-value consumables.
25 2021/08

Medical equipment talk: market analysis in the field of orthopedics

According to Yun Medical Devices, there are currently 354 manufacturers of orthopedic implant devices in the middle reaches of the country, mainly located in economically developed provinces and citie
25 2021/08

Analysis of market size and market segmentation of China's orthopedic implant medical device industry

Orthopedic implants belong to the category of high-value medical consumables, which are different from developed countries. The application of orthopedic implants in China started late, and the penetr
25 2021/08

Viewing Risk Management and Control from the Retrieval and Analysis of Adverse Events of Medical Devices

With the continuous improvement of medical standards, medical devices have been widely used in the fields of disease diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment and rehabilitation. Any medical device that has been approved for marketing is not absolutely safe.
10 2021/05

Written on the occasion of the formal implementation of the unique identification of medical devices

From January 1, 2021, the unique identification of the first batch of medical device products will be officially implemented, marking that the unique device identification (UDI) work has entered the formal implementation stage from the pilot exploration stage and included in the first batch The medical devices in 69 categories of 9 categories in the product catalogue must meet the requirements of UDI regulations.
12 2021/05
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